June 9, 2011
Evenings that make me love London

Andy and I went to check out the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the centenary of Bernard Herrmann, one of my favourite musicians and in my mind, the best film music composer of all time.  Unfortunately, they only played some of his songs - North by Northwest, Citizen Kane, Psycho, Taxi Driver, and Vertigo - but there were guest spots galore (other film music composers, his widow, Norma) and we were sitting in the choir area behind the orchestra, so we could see the orchestra peeps flipping their pages and having conversations amongst themselves.  I love that shiza.

Best part of the evening was the conductor, Paul Bateman, while conducting the music from the Psycho murder scene - he flipped his baton in his hand and started stabbing the air.  YESSSSSSS.

Also, what is it about orchestra musicians that I find so different from pop music folks?  To me, they have made a lifelong commitment - they’ve mastered this one instrument, usually from a young age, play gigs many nights a week, and in some cases, have developed physical problems from their instruments. Yet, they are also able to have a 9-5-like job with their music.  Is it music without the sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll?  Maybe I’m wrong.

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September 2, 2010

This is Dudley Perkins’ “Flowers”.  I loved this song when it came out…. that sample is so simple, yet effective….

August 19, 2010
Amoeba Records

Among some of the record stores I have been to in my travels, Amoeba Records is hands down my favourite.  The one in Haight-Ashbury in SF, particularly.  HUGE selection of every artist you have ever imagined, rare imports, low prices, smart and knowledgeable staff, good listening stations, super recommendations, CDs, records, DVDs, amazing used stuff.  You could literally hang out here for a week and not get bored.  I always come out with my wallet a lot lighter, but the hours of listening enjoyment are well worth it. 

I still have not been to the original one in Berkeley, which is on the cover of DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing:

August 11, 2010

Special Ed - I Got it Made.  I love the simple beat to this song, effective and catchy.  And the pre-bling music video, probably filmed wherever it didn’t cost a fortune to shoot.  I like.

August 11, 2010

Hi, sorry for no update in awhile.  Work has been insane and I have barely had a chance to produce my usual content. 

This is the song that I can’t get out of my head recently.  Enjoy!

July 8, 2010

I’m endlessly fascinated with Motown and all the personalities in it.  All the demons that some of these guys faced with drugs, alcohol, abuse, adultery.  But still despite all the problems, they soldiered on and made such amazing music!  You don’t see that nowadays, people cancel shows at the slightest sniffle or blame “dehydration” for not doing something. 

July 7, 2010

Such a great song! 

July 5, 2010

I grew up in the early ’90s on a steady diet of R&B girl groups - En Vogue, TLC, Jade, SWV, Salt n’ Pepa (to some extent)…..that was really a golden era!  As much as I love the hard nosed business acumen of Beyonce, Destiny’s Child can’t even compare. 

Dawn Robinson was definitely one of my faves, such a sassy lassy - I don’t think En Vogue was ever the same after she left - she had the attitude, the sass, the powerful voice.

This is the video for Don’t Let Go, with a random cameo from Mekhi Phifer as the philandering douchebag.  Yessssssss.

July 5, 2010

Hot N Fun from N.E.R.D.  We’ve got the guys riding around in Joshua Tree National Park and some sort of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas references, a bunch of scantily clad girls wearing Native American inspired clothing, and Nelly Furtado appearing out of nowhere in flames and a pirate shirt.  Bring on the summer jams! 

Side note: why is it that Pharrell Williams always gets the girl, and not Chad Hugo?  Just sayin’.

July 4, 2010


Chromeo just keeps getting more and more sophisticated with their instrumentation - if you listen to the songs from She’s in Control vs the upcoming songs from Business Casual (see “Night by Night” and now “Don’t Turn the Lights On”), they’ve come a LOOOOONG way.  The talkbox seems to be more smoothly integrated into the songs rather than being just merely funny/joke-y.  This song has hints of Evelyn Champagne King, and reeks of sexiness.  Thumbs up! 

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